Where to Shop for Belly Dance Things

Zills and Props

Below is a list of resources to help you start or grow your collection of essentials as you advance in your belly dance journey

A decade and a half into my own belly dance journey, I am often asked by students and guests at shows: “Where do I get one of those?”

I’ve collected my own veils, costumes and props from private vendors, hafla sales, and bazaars, throughout the years, and am always on the lookout to share new exciting finds with my dance friends!

As I come across reliable resources, I will add them to the list.  ♥

Additionally, if you are a vendor with amazing belly dance or confidence endorsing products that I am yet missing out on – I’d love to hear from you and give your products a try.

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Bellydance.com has all kinds of essentials, silk veils, chiffon, half circle veils, fan veils.

Even zills and full costumes! A great place to start and expand your collection of bellydance items!



Something exciting is in the works here. Working on a getting a line of makeup for purchase soon, so you can bring out your best features on stage and in your daily life.

Belly Dance Resources Online: